The Floating World by littlejoy nyc

After a wonderful two-week adventure, I've returned from Japan. Being there, I felt like I was walking through a dream. Being here, I am still dazed. The quality of all that I perceived - from the food, to the nature scenes, to the hospitality of the people - is incomparable to any other experience I've had whilst traveling. The rich, cultural history of Japan really inspired me. I wanted to absorb it all! I hope I can return again soon to this beautiful little world! 

Here are photographs I took of spring bloom varieties I spotted throughout Tokyo and Kanazawa. It is good inspiration to get ready for our next Littlejoy -- happening May 13th.

The temple bell stops, but I can still hear the sound, coming out of the flowers.
— Matsuo Bashō

We'll end with these budding peonies as a teaser for the next Littlejoy ;)



Pixie & the Scout by littlejoy nyc

Last Spring, Katy, Nia, and I worked on a fabulous baby shower.  Pixie made the food and I arranged the flores, it was beautiful and so much fun.  Nia captured our some behind the scenes Pixie scenes.  

On any given day, if you pop into the world of Pixie and the Scout, they are always hard at work all while raising a fabulous babe, HANK.  Nia was able to take a closer look at the day to day and let me say, they are inspiring.  Somehow they make creative and delicious food, all while raising a family.  We thought we would share a few pics of what the life of Pixie looks like in the cocina


P.S. If your hungry run to Pixie & The Scout!!!

Easter Table Settings by littlejoy nyc

Easter is my favorite brunch meals of the year.  I love the season of Easter, it means winter is over, buds are blooming, and wardrobe change is a must!!! I know Easter is over a month away, but I can't help but dream up new table settings.  I am dreaming of neon accents and happy blooms. 

Happy Planning....


LJN TRAVLS by littlejoy nyc

One thing that brings us deep joy is traveling. Nia is traveling the wonders of Japan and capturing new beauty and inspiration.  I love the insight and inspiration that comes from visiting a new place.  New smells, customs, languages, textiles, and sounds bring new meaning to the depth of life.   As we plan out our next event in May, I am so curious and excited to see what Nia will bring in design out of her travels.  I say taking the time to break the norm for some inspiration is always worth while. 

Last year, I took a trip to Paris, one of my all time favorite spots for inspiration. The food, the fashion and people are all you need to set you in the right direction. Where do you love to run away too?????

Mil Besos, 


Little Joy Workshop Recap by littlejoy nyc

Last month LJN hosted our very first local blooms workshop.  We had a fabulous time in our studio and made so many new lady friends.  The entire workshop was completely indulgent, with just the right amount of beauty sprinkled on top. 

Nia created our beautiful packaging, Katy nourished us with creative bites, and I guided our ladies in arranging happy blooms straight from Italy. Our fabulous photographer and participant shot our afternoon together, TY SB!!!! 

Join us for our next session on May 13th, the perfect Mother's Day Treat!!!



La Vida Loca by littlejoy nyc

When I was a kid growing up in Arizona, culturally my family celebrated EVERYTHING.  Anything worth commending in the slightest was the perfect excuse for a party.  Celebrate everything was my family moto, and each birthday my Nana would describe as. "un dia MUY grande."  Life is la vida loca and finding the moments to love and appreciate the day to day is worth all the confetti in the world. 

Each birthday we host we try and celebrate in a way that is thoughtfully curated to our people.  I don't approach a party in hopes of the perfect photo op, but to really indulge in the details of the people we love and cheer on into the next year.

Last month we celebrated Henry and his 7th year!! We launched him off in Ninja style.  He chose his decorations from China town and I ordered life size Ninjas balloons.  H loves a party, but with just a few ninos.  We took the plunge and traveled with 5 kids to The Ninja and ended our party at home with piles of Dough Donuts. Every party requires a little sweet indulgence.  

Mil Besos, 


New brushes for gouache by littlejoy nyc

Nia here. I've been doing a lot of doodles lately. Probably because it is winter and things can get so serious this time of year. How do you like these facial expressions? I call this page "boys of today" because I like how all of the boys in NYC look with their individual, unique style.

Staying creative can be tough when I am daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Japan. It will be so adventurous, foreign, romantic, fun....all of these things rolled into one! I wonder if I will see any of the famous Hokusai paintings up close and personal.



Blooms 4 Babes by littlejoy nyc

Last weekend our floral studio created soft winter arrangements for a Brooklyn Baby Shower.  The entire event was detailed and gorgeous.  If your looking for a venue in the BK, Maison May is perfection.  You can transform the space for any occasion, check out our pics from last weekend. 

P.S........ We have a few spots left for our winter workshop.  LJN loves making new friends, so come along and arrange with us! 

Never too late for love...... by littlejoy nyc

Treat yourself to our upcoming Winter Blooms Workshop & Luncheon this weekend. Saturday we will indulge in surrounding ourselves with gorgeous blooms and share a beautiful meal together.  You won't want to miss your chance to learn how to make arrangements with sweet peas, ranunculus, roses, and our favorite.....SPIRIA.   Remember, love thy self... and come out to have a Little Joy. Register on the side bar, Winter Blooms Workshop & Luncheon, or click the button below.

Mil Besos,


Pixie and the Scout Seasonal Supper by littlejoy nyc

Katy will be cooking on February 17th at her Pixie and the Scout Brooklyn kitchen on Bergen Street. A little more about these seasonal suppers:

THE PIXIE AND THE SCOUT CAME INTO BEING AS A ONE-NIGHT-STAND OF REGIONALLY-INSPIRED COOKING FOR A SMALL GROUP IN A POP-UP ART GALLERY. There was no menu that night. We had a kitchen full of mis en place created from the week's most exciting ingredients and we simply wanted to cook for our guests. We gave our diners a quirky survey and cooked specifically for their table. Now, in celebration of our first moment of existence, each month we host a dining event in the same zany style. There is no proper "menu". There are no strict "dishes". There is no "diet" that cannot be accommodated. It is a multi-course meal uniquely crafted for each diner, every time they come. 

Also...come experience the brand new, beautiful supper table!

"It has taken 3 years and nearly 50 suppers, but we are finally ready to retire the Seasonal Supper table’s warped white boards and replace them with this gorgeous poplar, lovingly converted into our brand new long table by dear friend Andy Braddock. A heartfelt “thank you” to all those who endured countless glasses of spilled wine whilst dining around our old boards – come check out the new and improved on Friday, Feb 17."

VDAY + NINOS by littlejoy nyc

As the ninos grow, each holiday is the perfect chance to keep the magic and wonder of childhood.  I am cooking up some fun ideas and looking back at our fabulous V-DAY party with our favorite friends. Last year we invited our favorite pals to make fabulous floral crowns, eat chocolates, and sip tea all Sunday afternoon. Nothing beats a beautiful table, cholcolates, friends, and blooms.  



Soft Romance by littlejoy nyc

As with any arena regarding design, we all begin by posing a thesis.  What kind of creators are we in our approach? Over the years I have moved from neat, controlled floral arranging to a larger focus on creative play.  In my approach, I hope to allow the blooms to speak for themselves. I focus on composition and color selection.  

In a world that seems so harsh and rigid at times we need a place to create something soft and balanced. We will explore these elements in our upcoming workshop.  With a beautifully curated meal with Pixie combined with floral play, you're sure to find your "little joy".

Oh, and have we mentioned that the menu Pixie put together is exactly what we'll be wanting on a cold February day? Check out Nia's design below....

Mil Besos, LJN

Looking back on how this all started -- WOW. When Katy approached Melina and I last year to create this collective of the three of us--pool our talents and offer classes (and a women's retreat!)--I was juggling wedding planning and my day job and moving back to Brooklyn...there was so much going on! But I love what we are doing. We're opening up our space and our hearts to folks, providing creative nourishment just by way of the medium, and showing them how to enjoy the little things. Melina does an amazing job teaching her floral class, going in depth and providing true encouragement. Katy is so smart with her research on food and the ethics and flavor behind it all.

We want to make flowers (and understanding them) accessible to people. Sourcing them in NYC, the seasonal varieties...we noticed that taking a floral class from any of the big names costs so much! (We're talking between $500-$1000). What ?!?!? And you don't even get the kind of amazing menu we're designing. I am excited to share with everyone that we want to do it differently -- put back the heart in it and truly create an experience for folks to pluck themselves out of the daily grind, have a "littlejoy" and then take it with them to flourish elsewhere.

Valentine's Day Blooms by littlejoy nyc

In just a couple of weeks Little Joy will be making two fabulous offerings for V-DAY.  Believe me you don't need a love interest to enjoy our special blooms and workshop.  Last week I was in the market and could not keep my hands off all the fabulous sweet peas and spirea.  Sweet peas are so delicate and beautifully romantic (no boyfriend required).  Spirea is just making it's way to the market, and I couldn't be happier.  Spirea is a cross between white wintry branches which are delicate and lively with neon green leaves.  Just saying, the wintry blooms are not to be missed and I can guarantee our workshop floral offerings will be nothing short of magical.  I hope you'll come along and play with us on Feb. 18th.  

Mil Besos, LJN

P.S.S.S.........We met the fabulous Putnam & Putnam (Darroch & Michael) Sunday at Martha Stewart Weddings' Wedding Party and can I say that they are as kind and beautiful as the pic below.  Being with flowers and playing together in design is always inspiring. 

Party Tonight! by littlejoy nyc

We've been running around like little elves putting together a huge party for a historical event. We're so excited and the energy around the park and neighborhood feels like the air is crackling with a buzz! I'm reminded of another time where we felt the same way...

This is the wistful-wishful-garland Melina and I made around Easter. Melina loves spyria and wanted to use the branches for something whimsical. 

This is the menu for tonight created by Katy's Pixie and the Scout !!! My mouth waters just looking at all the delicious food. When I designed this menu, I wanted it to feel like Old Mexico. We actually have a live mariachi band coming to play and sing their beautiful festive music. The mariachis I drew inspiration from a Rifle Paper Co. greeting card -- but I drew the woman from scratch! Her name is Maria Gonzalez and she told Melina she and the band are all going to wear their formal white, studded garb! 



The Pixie and the Scout: January Supper by littlejoy nyc

"Sea-Change: Benefit dinner for visionary fiction in Belfast"

Join us for a seated dinner featuring dishes inspired by the cuisine of Ireland, with ingredients from the East Coast. Local fish and shellfish, NY dairy, seaweed, and freshly milled flours are some of the elements that will be incorporated to create this special feast. 

Éist is teaming up with chefs Katy & Jonathan of the Pixie and the Scout and Max Sussman of Samesa to host a benefit dinner for our visionary fiction program in Belfast.

In 2017, Éist, in collaboration with Diversity Challenges and Irish playwright Laurence McKeown, will offer a series of participatory workshops on visionary fiction led by contributors to Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Inspired by the writings of Black feminist writer Octavia ButlerOctavia’s Brood is an anthology of radical science & speculative fiction written by organizers & activists, based on the idea that those working to change the world are sci-fi/speculative thinkers. Butler’s work centered primarily on social justice issues and featured women of color as heroes engaged in changing the world.

Brood members will lead participants in a series of workshops focused on collective storytelling and writing based on current political issues; fiction writing as a tool for healing from trauma; emergent strategy; and generative somatics. Participants will explore how to imagine how the world we live in today can lead to the world we want in the future and to express those desires through the craft of visionary fiction.


*Ticket price includes cocktail. You are welcome to BYOB.

Purchase Tickets Here


Nourished by Beauty by littlejoy nyc

The new year began with a long list of upcoming events, hopes, and places to be.  I will admit the first week of January I was working hard to keep cool and find my little joy. Our hopes and desires can at times be overwhelming.  

On Sunday I remembered to just be and it may sound corny, but flowers are just that.  They begin as a small bud, bloom into their full potential, then gracefully fade. Flowers do nothing, but gracefully bloom into what they are meant to be, I need this reminder daily.  This year, we invite you all to join us for a Floral Blooms session, including a beautiful lunch by Pixie and the Scout.  Taking the time to join us for a morning of beauty and nourishment will feed the soul, and dare I say give you a chance to restore your creativity.  If your like me, taking the time to stop, create, and eat will be more then you knew you needed.  

Mil Besos


Winter Blooms Workshop & Luncheon by littlejoy nyc

Our Winter Blooms Workshop is now open for registration! Click below to learn more about our event on February 18th at our studio and sign up:

Holiday Market for Eileen Fisher REMADE by littlejoy nyc

Recap from the Holiday Market! I had so much fun setting up my booth with Melina at the holiday market hosted by Eileen Fisher and all the folks at their innovation department: Becoming Lab. The space was gorgeous in the West Village at a place called And&And next door to Calliope. Lots of friends came to say hello and I also made new friends - creative folks who loved to chat about art! Katy brought a goody bag full of delicious snacks like steamed veggies, delicious rich dips, and a fragrant triple creme cheese. 

I met so many new people who were genuinely interested in my work and my process. I felt so encouraged. Painting is something I enjoy doing because it's so different from pushing pixels around on a screen. With painting, I get to interact with a completely different medium and it's definitely more messy! The fun part for me is trying to master a bit of control over the colors and put them onto paper.

If you talk to me regularly, you'd know that my life is full of projects here and projects there. I live my life project to project and many of my memories are easy to recall if someone reminds me of the project I was working on at the time. It was so fun and wild to work on this one - from ordering business cards to painting my backdrops for the gallery to getting a Square for transactions....these were all new experiences I'd never done before! 

I was thankful for my friends who came to support me and say hi for a festive evening before we all flew out for the holidays. Stay tuned because I think I might just open an online store for my paintings...

xo, Nia

Click on photos below to enlarge:

Winter Blooms/Floral Workshop - February 2017 by littlejoy nyc

Little Joy is all about helping our readers and loved ones live well.  I know in the midst of the holiday season, the VIDA feels LOCO.  We are here for YOU!

Sign up for our next Floral workshop or gift it to a fabulous friend.  Here is the deal, Little Joy will host Winter Blooms in Gramercy Park on Feb. 18th, 2017.  Katy will provide the sustenance while we design. 

I can't think of a more fabulous way to chase away the holiday blues with an experience to look forward to.  Send us an e-mail at to let us know you're interested!

More details to come......

Mil Besos

Eileen Fisher's Nearest + Dearest Holiday Market by littlejoy nyc

Fa La La Fa La La.....looking for the perfect Christmas gift.  Nia, is participating in her first Holiday Market hosted by Eileen Fisher.  Look for Nia's booth, where you will find unique holiday presents and you'll have a chance to meet the artist behind Little Joy.  You won't want to miss this fabulous event, did I mention there will be FREE cocktails?