Nourished by Beauty / by littlejoy nyc

The new year began with a long list of upcoming events, hopes, and places to be.  I will admit the first week of January I was working hard to keep cool and find my little joy. Our hopes and desires can at times be overwhelming.  

On Sunday I remembered to just be and it may sound corny, but flowers are just that.  They begin as a small bud, bloom into their full potential, then gracefully fade. Flowers do nothing, but gracefully bloom into what they are meant to be, I need this reminder daily.  This year, we invite you all to join us for a Floral Blooms session, including a beautiful lunch by Pixie and the Scout.  Taking the time to join us for a morning of beauty and nourishment will feed the soul, and dare I say give you a chance to restore your creativity.  If your like me, taking the time to stop, create, and eat will be more then you knew you needed.  

Mil Besos