The Pixie and the Scout: January Supper / by littlejoy nyc

"Sea-Change: Benefit dinner for visionary fiction in Belfast"

Join us for a seated dinner featuring dishes inspired by the cuisine of Ireland, with ingredients from the East Coast. Local fish and shellfish, NY dairy, seaweed, and freshly milled flours are some of the elements that will be incorporated to create this special feast. 

Éist is teaming up with chefs Katy & Jonathan of the Pixie and the Scout and Max Sussman of Samesa to host a benefit dinner for our visionary fiction program in Belfast.

In 2017, Éist, in collaboration with Diversity Challenges and Irish playwright Laurence McKeown, will offer a series of participatory workshops on visionary fiction led by contributors to Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Inspired by the writings of Black feminist writer Octavia ButlerOctavia’s Brood is an anthology of radical science & speculative fiction written by organizers & activists, based on the idea that those working to change the world are sci-fi/speculative thinkers. Butler’s work centered primarily on social justice issues and featured women of color as heroes engaged in changing the world.

Brood members will lead participants in a series of workshops focused on collective storytelling and writing based on current political issues; fiction writing as a tool for healing from trauma; emergent strategy; and generative somatics. Participants will explore how to imagine how the world we live in today can lead to the world we want in the future and to express those desires through the craft of visionary fiction.


*Ticket price includes cocktail. You are welcome to BYOB.

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