Domino here we go... / by littlejoy nyc

A few weeks ago, Nia invited me out to a Domino event hosted by CB2, obvi I said yes.  Who doesn't love a little inspiration when it comes to home interiors, and I am such a fan of Domino.   We had a fabulous time, we were totally inspired and Nia led the charge to meet the ladies of Domino.  Long story short....Nia gushed on our space where we live, work, and play.  In the end we somehow weren't too creepy and boom, we exchanged cards and a visit was scheduled soon after. 

Over the last couple of weeks as I prepped our space, I couldn't help asking myself in every corner of our home, how does this image or arrangement represent us. It was great practice to go into assessment mode. I cleaned out the old and sewed some new pillows. Pictures on my to-do list to print were quickly printed and our space was dusted off.  Every now and then it's helpful to take a look at your dwelling space and ask yourself, Are you still hanging onto the old or do your interiors lift you up to feel refreshed?

Like most humans we are NEVER completely satisfied, and it seems as though once one area of our spaces feels complete there is another waiting to be made over. I get it -- interiors can feel overwhelming.  In my past vida, in my 20s, I spent most of my career as a therapist and conducting assessments. Having some tools to deal with interior anxiety can really get you through the day. 

UNO: I say, make a list of to-dos that will pack a punch, are cost effective, and you could complete over a weekend.  

DOS: Make a wish list of a 3-5 year plan.  The average human isn't able to make all their interior dreams come true within a year of living in a space.  Give yourself sometime, but not "SOMEDAY" kind of time, I am talking REAL time.  Save your pennies, research the cost of your desired bathroom renovation...make a comprehensive plan. 

TRES: You do you. Figure out what makes you feel safe, calm, and ultimately at home in YOUR space.  Your casa should be a place where the chaos of the vida loca stays out the door.  Your casa ought to be a space you can relax, dream, and connect with your people.  

Just my two cents.....on my approach to interiors and my vida!!!