Heritage Supper for Thanksgiving / by littlejoy nyc

The days are getting longer. I notice the light burning deeper and sooner when I emerge out of the train station on my way home each day. The trees have lovely shadows that only linger for a short time before nighttime descends. This week we will be experiencing a moment of rest as it is tail-ended by Thanksgiving - a time to spend with loved ones relaxing, eating well, and receiving nourishment of body and mind before we head into the daze of holiday planning.

I am going through my list of favorite Thanksgiving recipes and am thinking of opting for a comforting, salty pasta that is warm and rich. Traditional Thanksgiving food lists turkey and gravy and potatoes...all items I enjoy, but I always like for there to be a non-traditional dish present that exudes taste and comfort. Stay tuned for what our supper table will look like. 


If you still need plans for Thanksgiving, we encourage you to sign up for Katy's supper via the Pixie and the Scout. They have been working very hard on this project - coordinating and trying to get everything just right. (Knowing Katy, everything will be just right).

This supper is to raise awareness about our American land, where our first food came from, and pre-colonial traditions across the diverse indigenous landscape. She is helping an organization called I-Collective to explain this cause.

The I-Collective is an autonomous group of indigenous chefs, activists, herbalists, seed and knowledge keepers from across North, Central, and South America.  We combine ancestral knowledge with modern techniques to create thoughtful dishes that reflect our rich tribal histories, reclaim ownership of our indigenous ingredients, and empower the next generation. 
Our work is guided by indigenous values that prioritize balance and reciprocity for all living things. For us, “thanksgiving” is not a singular event- we gather regularly to appreciate changing seasons and renew our sacred connections to the land and each other. Together, let’s celebrate a new Thanksgiving with an indigenous framework: collective promotion of a healthy food system that values people, traditional knowledge, and the planet over profit. 


Perhaps I will see you at the Friday supper:


A Multi-Course Meal Featuring Chefs Brian Yazzie [Navajo], Hillel Echo-Hawk [Pawnee/Athabaskan] & Neftali Duran [Mixteco] // Dinner will be scored by Storyteller, Rachel Sayet [Mohegan] and a Drum Chorus.

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