And now presenting...The Little Joy Shoppe! / by littlejoy nyc

We're so excited to keep unveiling all of the surprises we have planned for you. One of the items we've been keeping under wraps is...The Little Joy Shoppe! We're pleased to announce that we're opening shop and our dear Little Joy retreat attendees will be the first to see what we're putting on the shelves. There's a little bit of everything in there for folks who follow our craft: food, floral, design, and items we love to use to set the table.


A Little Joy dinner is never complete without lit candles. We love candles that look organic or have muted colors. There is something special about having a live flame flickering happily around peoples' conversation.


These pillows were sewn by Melina with cloth from her travels in Mexico as a child with her father. We suggest you use them to lean on as you sip a post-dinner digestif as friends gather and tell stories!


Nia made these postcards and had them printed on thick, recycled matte paper.


Lots of love,

Melina, Katy, and Nia