La Vida Loca / by littlejoy nyc

When I was a kid growing up in Arizona, culturally my family celebrated EVERYTHING.  Anything worth commending in the slightest was the perfect excuse for a party.  Celebrate everything was my family moto, and each birthday my Nana would describe as. "un dia MUY grande."  Life is la vida loca and finding the moments to love and appreciate the day to day is worth all the confetti in the world. 

Each birthday we host we try and celebrate in a way that is thoughtfully curated to our people.  I don't approach a party in hopes of the perfect photo op, but to really indulge in the details of the people we love and cheer on into the next year.

Last month we celebrated Henry and his 7th year!! We launched him off in Ninja style.  He chose his decorations from China town and I ordered life size Ninjas balloons.  H loves a party, but with just a few ninos.  We took the plunge and traveled with 5 kids to The Ninja and ended our party at home with piles of Dough Donuts. Every party requires a little sweet indulgence.  

Mil Besos,