Pixie and the Scout Seasonal Supper / by littlejoy nyc

Katy will be cooking on February 17th at her Pixie and the Scout Brooklyn kitchen on Bergen Street. A little more about these seasonal suppers:

THE PIXIE AND THE SCOUT CAME INTO BEING AS A ONE-NIGHT-STAND OF REGIONALLY-INSPIRED COOKING FOR A SMALL GROUP IN A POP-UP ART GALLERY. There was no menu that night. We had a kitchen full of mis en place created from the week's most exciting ingredients and we simply wanted to cook for our guests. We gave our diners a quirky survey and cooked specifically for their table. Now, in celebration of our first moment of existence, each month we host a dining event in the same zany style. There is no proper "menu". There are no strict "dishes". There is no "diet" that cannot be accommodated. It is a multi-course meal uniquely crafted for each diner, every time they come. 

Also...come experience the brand new, beautiful supper table!

"It has taken 3 years and nearly 50 suppers, but we are finally ready to retire the Seasonal Supper table’s warped white boards and replace them with this gorgeous poplar, lovingly converted into our brand new long table by dear friend Andy Braddock. A heartfelt “thank you” to all those who endured countless glasses of spilled wine whilst dining around our old boards – come check out the new and improved on Friday, Feb 17."