October Celebration / by littlejoy nyc

We've been busy bees this Fall season with lots of fun engagements to prepare for. We have a big party next week for lots of folks and we can't wait to share a little bit of joy with them. Katy has fashioned this delicious offering of food and Melina has planned the large event with a dear friend, Taylor. We've ordered coupe glasses for the sparkling wines, highballs for the cocktails, and pretty, textured table cloths. 

From experience, we've realized that planning a party for 100+ takes a lot of thoughtful planning ahead of time. We ask ourselves questions like:

  • What kind of food should we have...small bites or large hors d'ouvres or dinner?
  • Where is the best position for tables and chairs or tall cocktail tables? 
  • Where are the glasses being sourced from?
  • What time of year is it - is it appropriate to still have sparkling rose? (yes, in this case as it is a good-bye to summer!)

If there are speeches - make sure to cue folks before the doors open about timing and positioning.

Here is the menu I drew and designed with my Wacom tablet:

Stewardship Menu.jpg

Keep an eye on our Instagram (@littlejoynyc) to see what dresses we pick out to wear for the party!



Nia & Littlejoy