Counting our Little Joys / by littlejoy nyc

The New Year is in FULL swing, and for me (MEL), I am trying to step into the year lightly.  My natural place to live is in the doing and planning for what is ahead.  Each project I have before me, I am attempting to honor in giving all my 2018 endeavors space to grow.  My approach is easier said then done and I remind myself to go back and reflect on the times I was able to be creative and play.  

One of the best gifts I have received from my collaboration of Little Joy, is having the pleasure of sharing creativity, opening ourselves up to receive inspiration by others, and learning from our retreaters and workshop participants. 

So much of my creativity gets sucked into the vacuum of the demand of originality, usually self induced.  We all want to be the first to discover or create an idea, however it is a new practice for me to be inspired by others, take the inspiration into appreciation, then venture into my own creative sphere. 


The challenge for me and for those who relate to my sentiments, is simply to  appreciate the inspiration from outside of ourselves, and allow for subsequent creativity.  Here goes nothing 2018....


Mill Besos,