Holiday Market for Eileen Fisher REMADE by littlejoy nyc

Recap from the Holiday Market! I had so much fun setting up my booth with Melina at the holiday market hosted by Eileen Fisher and all the folks at their innovation department: Becoming Lab. The space was gorgeous in the West Village at a place called And&And next door to Calliope. Lots of friends came to say hello and I also made new friends - creative folks who loved to chat about art! Katy brought a goody bag full of delicious snacks like steamed veggies, delicious rich dips, and a fragrant triple creme cheese. 

I met so many new people who were genuinely interested in my work and my process. I felt so encouraged. Painting is something I enjoy doing because it's so different from pushing pixels around on a screen. With painting, I get to interact with a completely different medium and it's definitely more messy! The fun part for me is trying to master a bit of control over the colors and put them onto paper.

If you talk to me regularly, you'd know that my life is full of projects here and projects there. I live my life project to project and many of my memories are easy to recall if someone reminds me of the project I was working on at the time. It was so fun and wild to work on this one - from ordering business cards to painting my backdrops for the gallery to getting a Square for transactions....these were all new experiences I'd never done before! 

I was thankful for my friends who came to support me and say hi for a festive evening before we all flew out for the holidays. Stay tuned because I think I might just open an online store for my paintings...

xo, Nia

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Hudson Retreat by littlejoy nyc

Last month LJ hosted our very first retreat in the ever desirable Hudson River Valley.  We dreamt up a retreat when we realized colleagues in the food, design, and floral markets had started serving the insatiable desire for creatives to gather, literally all over the world. We wanted to create a little event that reflected these things, ourselves.

For most of us, the reality of “making it”  in NYC means sacrificing some—if not all—of the time you might devote to quieter creative impulses. Sometimes the cost of having a family and/or keeping one’s professional “edge” means letting go of time spent reveling in beautiful, whimsical experiences—when push comes to shove, they start to seem indulgent.

We wanted to create a space where ladies could gather around a meal, a whimsy workshop, and a beautiful setting to be nourished. Our time away at Barn on the Pond turned out to be rejuvenating (and surprisingly hysterical what with all of the crazy stories that were told 'round the crafting/dinner table),  leaving our participants inspired.