Winter Blooms Workshop 2017

In February, LJN hosted our very first local blooms workshop here in NYC.  We had a fabulous time in our studio and made so many new lady friends.  The workshop was completely indulgent, with just the right amount of beauty sprinkled on top. 

Nia created our beautiful packaging, Katy nourished us with creative bites, and I guided our ladies in arranging happy blooms straight from Italy. Our fabulous photographer and participant (Sarah Beth Turner) shot our afternoon together, TY SB!!!! 




A Pop of Colour

In the dead of winter we always try to find ways to brighten the inside of our spaces. We look for warm tones and happy greens - a reminder of the spring that is to come!


Floral varieties used:

Flowering quince, spirea, camellias, eucalyptus, sweet pea, poppies, prairie roses, and ranunculus


Le Menu

to drink: Warm Persimmon & Cinnamon Vermouth, Mandarin Satsuma Collins, Sparkling Bubbles !!

to eat: Farm Greens & Cider-Mustard Vinaigrette, Three-Cheese Fondue [aged at Crown Finish Caves], Sourdough Batard, Beef Salami Roasted Winter Vegetables, White Butter Bean & Roasted Tomato Soup Kale, Poached Farm Egg [optional] & Bitty Sweets